Sunless Color Extender Prolong


Product Description

Sunless Colour Extender Prolong (Put a u in colour)
Daily Sunless Moisturiser to extend or build self-tanning
Paraben Free, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan
About the product

* BUILD, BOOST, BRONZE: Customize your Norvell sun-kissed color with this deeply hydrating self-tan extender that amplifies, boosts, and builds your enviable tan-from-a-tube one delicious DHA drop at a time.

* BREATHTAKING AND BLISSFUL: Delicious, fruity aroma redolent of pleasing pomegranate counteracts common unpleasant DHA odor, leaving your skin smelling fresh and clean.

* DOUBLE DUTY: Richly moisturizing tan accelerator is packed with powerful, anti-aging ingredients, such as beet root, tomato, cranberry extracts, plus powerhouse antioxidant vitamins B5, C, and E to help fight free-radical damage. Copper ferment helps regenerate skin-pluming collagen production for a more youthful, firm-looking figure. Caffeine promotes detoxification of skin cells, leaving legs lovely and lean and tummy tight and toned.

* HIDES, HEALS, CORRECTS, AND PROTECTS: This Norvell tan enhancing lotion builds a beautifully believable bronze tone that helps conceal and correct imperfections, while perfecting skin with natural enzymes that inherently repair and restore dehydrated, thirsty skin. Superior DHA dermal barrier keeps DHA deposits locked and loaded within skin's top dermal layer for optimal, long-lasting, luscious color that won't fade into the sunset.

* NO NASTIES: Safe, gentle formula does not contain sulfate, gluten, GMO, synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, and parabens and is non-comedeogenic and non-irritating. The most sensitive of skin types can feel secure when slathering on this proprietary self-tanning extender lotion.

Product Code: SEP085