One Hour Rapid One Sunless Mist 7floz

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Product Description

Paraben free, Gluten free, 100% Vegan formula
A revolutionary easy to apply, super-fine self-tanning spray that delivers rapid, custom just off the beach™ color at any angle in as little as one hour.
Formulated with our exclusive Natural Actives Sunless Complex™ and blended with our proprietary instant cosmetic bronzer blend, Norvell® One Hour Rapid ONE™ Sunless Mist combines our Award Winning Sunless Tanning formula with a unique combination of natural actives and proprietary xLa-R8R™ technology to bring you a customized, natural, long-lasting salon result… right at home. One Hour Rapid ONE™ puts the color result level right in your hands.

Exclusive Active Natural Sunless Complex™:
Time Release Micro Capsules bind moisture within the skin.
Natural Enzymes repair dehydrated skin.
Unique Dermal Barrier locks in DHA.
Advanced DHA Odor Encapsulation molecules ‘trap’ and virtually eliminate common sunless odor.
Eco-Friendly 360° Spray: non-aerosol, ultra-fine mist produces even tanning results at any angle.
Just of the Beach Color™ patented blend of Organic Eco-Cert® DHA and bronzers found only in Norvell® Professional Products.

For anyone looking to achieve an immediate ‘airbrushed’ effect through instant cosmetic bronzers while developing a long-lasting golden tan beneath.

Norvell® One Hour Rapid ONE™ utilizes a proprietary amino acid propulsion system, xLa-R8R™, to boost rapid tan development. This enhanced compound prepares the skin while infiltrating its outer walls resulting in instant color gratification. After application, warm water rinse in 1-hour to achieve bronze color, 2-hours to achieve medium bronze and 3-hours for darkest bronze. (Extending application duration longer than 3 hours is NOT recommended for optimum results.)

Size: 7 fl oz / 207 ml
Fragrance: Raspberry Almond
Development Time: 1-3 hours (those with fair skin not recommended to go over 1 hour; full develoment after 24 hours)
Directions: For best results, lightly exfoliate with Norvell Renewing Sunless Exfoliator 24-hours prior to application. Immediately prior to spray, insert provide nose filters. In a well-ventilated area, apply to clean, dry skin. Keep can in constant motion and hold 10-12 inches from body. Apply spray in a sweeping motion across area to be tanned. For facial application, lightly coat a slightly dampened make-up sponge and blend onto face and into hair line, avoiding lips and eyes.
After application, warm water rinse (no soap, no hot water) in 1-hour for Light Bronze, 2-hours for Medium Bronze, and 3 or more hours for Darkest Bronze. For those with very fair skin tones: it is not recommended to exceed the 3-hour wait time before warm water rinse. It is important to note that DHA continues to react with the skin after shower rinse, and full color may not be completely realized for up to 24-hours. Cosmetic bronzers will wash away during warm water rinse. Nourish daily with Norvell Sunless Color Extender ProLong™ to build and maintain natural color results.

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